We don't work in a vacuum, and want to dedicate a page entirely to those that help us be Aerosmÿthe!

The Iconic American Band, Aerosmith - Needless to say, without these guys, we wouldn't be here.  We give them all the credit we possibly can for the music we and our fans enjoy so much.  If we could thank them personally, we would.  Until then, this will have to do: Thank You Aerosmith!

Leah Hortsman, Photographer - We've had lots of feedback about how great our website looks. Know why? Leah Hortsman at LH Hortsman Photography is the reason.  Many of these great pictures are her creation (her signature is difficult to see, but it's there), and we can't thank her enough the work she's done for us.  Thanks Leah!

Slidebar Rock’n’Roll Kitchen – Our first foray into Orange County was at the Slidebar in Fullerton, California.  What a blast!  We were treated to a house packed with hardcore Aerosmith fans on our very first visit.  Located literally across the parking lot from a transit center, we can think of no better place to go out, have a lot of fun and not have to worry about getting home!  Thanks for having us!

Left Coast Music - Every band needs a place to rehearse.  For us, it's Left Coast Music, owned and operated by Neal Hedegard (you might recognize that's our Lead Guitarist) who allows us to use one of the coolest, most classic recording studios in San Diego for our rehearsals and other musical needs.  He also makes road cases to keep equiupment and instruments safe when traveling. Need a music studio or road case?  Contact Neal at Left Coast Music.

Navajo Live – Aerosmÿthe has been playing at Navajo Live for almost as long as we’ve been playing.  This little bar in eastern San Diego, California, which hosts live music on a regular basis, played an important role in the development of Aerosmÿthe.  The sound is awesome! We have many devoted fans who discovered us there who we still see at our shows on a regular basis.  You ladies know who you are!  Thanks Navajo Live!

Full Circle Saloon – We've had some great shows at Full Circle Saloon, located in Santee California. It's another of the local bars that provide important venues for live bands, including many of the best tribute bands in the San Diego area. In particular, we love the big stage (it's fun to have room!), the great sound, and the affordable drinks! Stop by and visit them!

Jonah Juan – Jonah played a vital role by providing us with promotional support for many years (and ocaisionally still does).  His help with video and websites filled a need at the time that was very important to us, and we want to just say: Thanks!