Our Story

Aerosmÿthe formed some years ago in San Diego, California when a few musicians started talking about how much they loved Aerosmith. I mean, is there a more iconic American rock band then that? And is there a band whose music is more well known, given the dozens and dozens of hits they've produced over the last 50 years? Everyone seemed to agree that songs like "Walk This Way" and "Dream On" motivate more weekend revelers at local watering holes to get out and have fun than just about anything else they played! So a decision was made to form a band to do just Aerosmith music. And that's how Aerosmÿthe was born!

Our Philosophy

While many people have made contributions to this effort over the years, the current group of musicians have taken the project a step beyond where it's been in the past. We believe, short of Aerosmith, that experiencing this music in a live performance has never been better. While we don't seek to reproduce what they do note for note, and certainly don't look anything like them, we instead focus on recreating the sound, feel and excitement of the original music, much as any touring band does when they take their latest creations on tour.

The Results

The shows have been fantastic! People's reactions tell the story. Their obvious enthusiasm and excitement continues to convince us that what we are doing works, and that approaching the music the way we do is the best way to honor this great American band. Come see us at our next show and join us in our tribute to Aerosmith!

Aerosmÿthe – The Evolution of a Name

We are asked occasionally, “Where did you get the name Aerosmÿthe?”, so we thought we’d give you all a little history about how our name evolved.

Years ago, when the band was originally formed, it needed a name.  Tribute bands are always trying to come up with something that will convey what they do, and it’s sometimes difficult to choose one that’s good.  Luckily, someone came up with the great idea to name it Aerosmÿth, which is often spelled Aerosmyth because it’s not exactly obvious how to type a “ÿ” on a keyboard (Alt-0255 if you're into that stuff).  So, for quite a while, Aerosmÿth played around San Diego and people got to know us by that name.  All was good!

At some point in 2018, we started to make our way north from San Diego to venture into the Orange County/Los Angeles area.  And although there are various Aerosmith tribute bands under various names all over Southern California, we ran into one band in particular that had a name very similar to ours: Aeromyth.  Aeromyth is a well-established Aerosmith tribute band and it became apparent that the names might just be a bit too similar.

So, a difficult decision was made: Aerosmÿth (Aerosmyth) would become Aerosmÿthe (Aerosmythe)!  With the “e” on the end, and the “ÿ” (when we can make it happen), we hope any confusion will now be avoided.  Also, as hockey fans, we were reminded of the Smythe Division of the National Hockey League, and so now, in some small way, play homage to the great game of ice hockey!

So that’s it.  Whether you’re looking for Aerosmÿthe, or Aerosmythe, you’re going to get the same amazing experience: Aerosmith tribute music at its best!